Monday, 22 February 2010

A compilation of words about Sonic compilations

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Right its time to Get My Moan On.
Like I said last time this ones going to be about these constant Sonic the first few games collections.
How many of these do we need on all these different formats?
I do remember a few years ago one of the first ones was Sonic Jam on the lovely Sega Saturn and it was a joy to behold granted it only had Sonic, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles, but back then it was one of the firsts of its kind, manly due to the extra content on it and Sonics World witch was a GOOD 3D SONIC GAME if a bit short, hidden inside it was so much nerdy facts, adverts and trailers that you could open a damn museum for it.
(there was also a Sonic Jam on the Tiger, but its best if you don't even think about that as it is one of the worst games ever on one of the worst consoles ever)
A few years and crappy 3D games later we get “Sonic Mega Collection” that ups the number of games by adding on some that nobody gives a shit about (Sonic Spinball was never good and 3D Blast was arse full stop). Then soon after out comes a tweeked version with Game Gear/Master system versions of them “Surely this is as good as it gets” you may think and your probably right, but they left one game off and its a damn good one Sonic CD was not on it. Ok Sega sorted that out by making Sonic Gems Collection that had Sonic CD on it as well as Okish fighter Sonic the Fighters and was good for the time Sonic R, this to had on some GameGear and Master system games and even better Vectorman ok maybe not even better as I never liked them (those lucky Japs got the Streets of Rage Trilogy and over rated game Bonanza Brothers).
At least these games where not full price games.

Now a few years later we get Sonic Genesis/Mega Drive collection that has so many games I cant be arsed to list them all.
But thats not all
Go online we have also got the old Sonic games to buy again if you really like wasting your money.
Then go on Segas site there's a few for you to play online for free.

So what happens next?
Yep one more
Now we get Sonic Classics Collection for the DS
Great another chance to re-buy the same games again.
Lets see whats on this shall we?
Sonic, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles oh look its them games again.
Why not more?
Why not at least have Sonic CD on it?
I mean the DS cart is meant to be one gig isn't it?
And CDs are only 700mb WHERES THE EXTRA 300mb GONE?
It dose say it has videos on it, but videos of what?
Will anyone be buying it considering its just another collection of games you have probably already got?

Upon all all these collections that are out they are forgetting some that need to be released as there damn hard to get hold of.
SegaSonic the Hedgehog – Ok the trackball controls may make this game had to emulate, but at least GIVE IT A TRY!
Knuckles Choatix – Technically this is a Sonic game with out Sonic.
Sonic's Pocket Adventure – This is possibly one of the greatest hand-held Sonic games. Its great and few people have played on it. Which is a damn shame.
That 3D bonus game on Christmas Nights – Ok im pushing it a bit here
Sonic Jam – Hay its old. Why not have a collection of past Sonic Collections just to piss people off?
Sonic Jam On the Tiger – Lets let people play this pile-o-shite then realise that there lucky never to of herd of it.
Sonic Advance – Ok I admit I have never played it. I did have a N-gage, but it broke before I could get any games for it.
Sonic Advance /2/3 – Another I never really played.
Sonic Shuffle – Ok maybe not. Yeah lets take a fast character and stick him on a board game and see if people will buy it.
Sonic adventure /2- Ok maybe its a bit to soon
Sonic Wings – HUR HUR
Sonic Blaster man – DERP DERP

I know im missing the Mega Drive one out, but when that one came out you could get the first few Sonic games for the same price so I think nobody ever got it.

Whats next?
In the next decade will we be playing a new Sonic collection with crap like Sonic Heroes on our new PS5s and what ever retarded names the other company's come up with next?

I thank you for reading all that.

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