Monday, 22 February 2010

Not so MegaVideo

Id like to step away from games in this moan, but it can be linked to games tedious link style due to one certain pop up from it

Yes its Party Poker and there's probably some video on there of games, but aside from that there is no games connection.


Mega video then

Yeah its a video site, but unlike Youtube this one can hold more than ten minute vids.

"That sounds good" you might think. You might also think "Why isn't it as well known and as loved as Youtube?"

Well I will tell you.

For starters there's that Party Poker advert that pops up every time you click on a vid.

Its like they run the damn thing. If I wanted to play a card game id rather see the other players face, but since its poker I have little knowledge on how to play it.

But wait there's more.

There's another add that surrounds the big ol play button.

There is also the lack of moderators on the comments so site spam happens a lot.

Ok other than the adds there is errrrrrrrrrrrr


......................OH YEAH

The video watching limit.

As best seen on this picture

70 minutes in you get a message saying that you have watched 70 minutes of video and you have to wait OVER A SODING HOUR! to watch more.

And then it starts from the beginning (unless you skip) so if you don't know where you last where its a pain to find it again.

I have never had to do that thought as I found a way round it

Well unless you pay to get a full membership, but only fools do such a mad thing.

So yeah.

MegaVideo sucks, but its still good as there is a lot of films and stuff on there if you know how to look (there are sites that list them) so its not all bad. Its just that damn limit that spoils it.

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