Monday, 22 February 2010

The Perfect Sonic game (for me)

Anyway on to the moan powered by Saxon - Inner sanctum and Motorheads motorizer
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Lets get this straght

I haven't played many of the recent Sonic games, as I have a inbuilt hatred towards 3D plat-formers, as I cant get my head round them. I am possibly the only person on this planet that thinks Mario 64 is not the god of all 3D plat-forming as I found it confusing to play and kept missing the jumps as I like to jump from a side ways on view. I also avoided the recent Sonic games as they where 3D (played Sonic Heroes at a local HMV and nearly threw the damn gaming pod at the display of Sonic heroes titles on the self as such is my rage towards that game). then upon hearing about Sonic Unleashed and reading of the 2D sections I was really thinking of buying it (I am without job so my gaming spends are limited), BUT THEN! In walks the 3D warehog sections like somebody wearing a 50cent T-Shirt at a Motorhead concert and like said fan he is unwelcome and has people wanting to beat him to a pulp, so I decided not to buy it.

Upon hearing about "Project Needlemouse" I have not got my hopes up on it even if Sega have said "its going to be back to basic 2D"

So come on Sega make me happy


Best Sonic games from somebody that grew up playing them

Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic CD and Sonics Pocket adventure (it is like a mix of Sonic 2 and 3) Sonic Chaos Sonic on the master system

Best Sonic related games

Knuckles Choatix, Sonic Conicals, Sonic jump

Best 3D Sonic games

That extra in Christmas NiGHTS, the walk around bit in Sonic Jam

Passable Sonic games (okish but not good)

Sonic adventure/2 - Was playable, but with to much arsing around(The flying bits where enjoyable the most, but thats coming from somebody that has played Panzer Dragoon a lot)knows what game they where loosely based off).

Sonic Drift Racing 2 - I am possibly the only person that liked it.

Sonic Rush on DS - To many bits that relied upon knowing the level off by heart and the screen switching didnt work out to well.

Ideal modern Sonic game-

  • 2D with 3D back grounds (Like Strider 2 of Geoman 64 2).
  • The only time its 3D is with the camera behind while runing away from something (like in Sonic adventure)
  • Rings goes without saying.
  • Chaos emeralds that are hidden round the levels (like Sonic on the Master system but in random places).
  • If it is to have cut seens make them skipable after they have been seen.
  • No bonus stages as they stopped being good after Sonic 2.
  • If they must be there make them extra mingames that dont have to be played.
  • No new characters.
  • With the exception of a owl called Dave
  • Different routes for different characters (like in Sonic 3 and Knuckles).
  • Only playable characters be Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy as the rest are ether dead or on vacation.
  • Better still put most of them in a sequel to Sonic Chronicles with the old Team Choatix saving something.
  • Sonic and Tails bits are normal 2D platform bits
  • Its possibly 3D for Amy and Knuckles as theres are more of a exploration stage (with some kind of combat going on)(make it so that these bits dont have to be played)
  • HIS NAME IS ROBOTNICK NOT EGGMAN!!! (there was a really good origin story for both him and Sonic in the UKs Sonic the Comic).
  • Possible new versions of classic stages (GIVE ME NEO CHEMICAL PLANT ZONE!!).
  • With possible time travelling thing from Sonic CD?
  • The return of "SEGAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" before the title screen as it makes me feel like everything going to be ok.
  • Same music composer as the one from the older titles.
  • Make it not set on Earth as that makes no sense.
  • Maybe make the time travel sections on a modified Tornado plane (NOT WITH IT GOING UP TO 88 MILES PER HOUR) in the Sonic Adventure style.
  • No choas as they look like the bastard offspring from a drunken sex session between them puyos and Nightopians and are just as useless as the later of the two.
  • SPEED Its not Sonic with out that.
Also I know your possably reading this Sega (as I tweeted it to you)
Hes fast on his feet so why a car?

Thanks for reading.

Im probably going to follow up with a rant about the amount of Sonic game collections next.
But that will probably be in a day or so as I have things to do

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