Monday, 22 February 2010

Moanwrite - Gameplay moan

Note this is not a moan against the online store GamePlay

Yeah this is one thing that really gets on my nerves, its the term "GamePlay" used on video of the game in play the Wiki say the following about the term game play

Despite criticism, the term gameplay has gained acceptance in popular gaming nomenclature, being the only common phrase describing the quality of player engagement or how "fun" the game is. The primary aspects of gameplay are the challenges the game presents to players, and the actions that players may take in response to those challenges. Some gaming reviews give a specific score for gameplay, along with graphics, sound, and replay value. Many consider "gameplay" to be the most important indicator of the quality of a game.

To summarise its what you feel when you play the game in question, some thing that makes the game good. NOT A VIDEO OF THE GAME BEING PLAYED! Unless its one of those shitty 90s FMV games that had none of this game play.

The recent change in the usage of it can be traced back to EA. there now using it to confuse that clueless idiot off the street that probably has a Wii and thinks that this Wiifit is a really good game and buys anything he see advertised by Ant and Dec as he thinks there real people that have spent years playing these strange video games, has weak normal sized thumbs, a manicure, talks with his colleagues down the wine bar about what ever it is these morons talk about and thinks that the latest X factor band is really "Rockin" and has never played anything PrePlaystation 2 and has herd that a game needs game play to be good. So a EA rep in his infinite wisdom decided to show somebody laying the game and slap on a "Actual Game play" on it witch I do applaud them for, but the bloke off the street will probably now go into a store and judge his next purchase of possible gaming shovelware on those little pictures on the back of the box thinking that "oh these gameplay shots look good, this looks like a really good game" while looking on the back of Walk it out while avoiding the ones that can be called games like Madworld, Ghost Squad or even soding Warioware.

So thanks EA you are now bringing down the games industry by influencing this poor sods game purchases and making him buy the filler and not the killer so is the possible reason why company's like Sega and Capcom arnt doing them good games on them as much.

So in closing I urge those games promoters to use the correct term "Game in play" to stop these game buying idiots from buying the wrong things.

I thank you

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