Monday, 22 February 2010

Download only games - Money for nothing?

Well its time to get my moan on.

This one was slightly harder than the last few as I am in a really good mood thanks to having one of those days (no sex was involved, but there was some screwing).
For more details look at my recent vid.
Yeah I know 99p!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As said in the last one about games this ones going to be about games that are “Download only”.

No Sega this isn't another one aimed at your recent Sonic 4 even if it is going to be mentioned.
This is one that can also be applied to music and one thing I was glad of was with AC/DCs “Black Ice” album, the basically said “If you want the album you can go into a store and buy it” so good one them.
So download only games. Yeah I hate them. Well free ones are great, but when you have to pay to download something it seems like its money for nothing, but the kicks aren't free!
So when I hear that a new Rocket Knight game being made that I will end up splashing money out on I think “Great, cant wait to open it”, but then things take a turn for the worst when I see the words “Download only”. Yeah “Download only”. Ok I admit its easier for the games company's to do this as it cuts out the middle man, but why download only?.
I have a hatred of paying to download something as like I said before “It feels like im paying for nothing at all.” Yeah its easier for those that don't have much space, but come on its not like your buying a Neo Geo game as most games come in DVD style cases and they give us something to look at, something to caress, something to hold close to your person and go “ahhhhhhhh”, something physical, something real heck you cant get that addicting “New game” smell from a download. Holding up a my 360 is not as nice as its kinda all wired up so I have to unplug it all and then if I drop it, it might break, but with a Wii it just feels wrong. A PC would be a total disaster.
What's so hard about sticking it on a disc?
Or better still a cheapo memory stick.
Ok it wont be the same as stroking a DVD box, but at least it wont break if I drop it from normal human hight and you will still get that “New game smell” that freaks like me love so much.
There's also that DVD cases look good on the shelf where as Hard Drives DONT!!!
They aren't designed to look good. Plus if you drop a hard drive it might get buggerd so then there's all your stuff lost.
So what's next?
Well I read that the next Generation of consoles might not have a physical form of media.
Ok so what's going to happen to places like GameCity in Stockport?
Ok that might not effect there as they also a lot of retro stuff and are cheap.
Did I also say that I have it when they go download only and put it into parts?
Its not like its a TV series where the next one is out in a week. We would be lucky to see the next part in the same month.
But I think I covered that last time so thats all from that and indeed that's all from me.

Thanks for reading.

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